Science Experiments For Kids – Fun Projects For Kids K-12

We love experiments, especially those that involve science. Any excuse to learn something new about the world around us or what makes something work like it does is a reason for us to have fun. We take every chance we can get to try something new, and love sharing our results with other kids!

We wanted to take a few minutes to share some of our favorite experiments from the past with you. These are the classic science experiments for kids, and we wanted the chance to share them as starting points for other students, and hope that they will become as interested in science as we are.

Science experiments are something that we have to do in school in every grade. In the most recent science fair, I couldn’t help but notice that many of my fellow students didn’t seem excited, or even interested, in their experiments. They seemed bored, or it looked like they rushed through their experiments at the last moment. One girl just rolled her eyes when the judges came by. Instead of being ready to explain her experiment to them, she grumbled that this was lame and asked her mom if she could go home yet.

We want to change this view of science experiments for kids. Our hopes are to show you that you can create fun experiments at home to teach you about the world and things that you need to learn. The best part is that you can do these with things that Mom and Dad already have at home, and sometimes you can even make a mess while doing it and not get in trouble, because you’re learning.

Take a look at the list of our favorite science experiments for kids over to the right, and find one that sounds like it will be fun for you. Pick something that sounds interesting, or even try more than one. Tell Mom and Dad about it, and get them to help you try it out.

For Parents

When your child brings home a notice saying that they have to participate in a science fair, or otherwise have to come up with a project for a science class grade, you know they will need your help. One of the biggest parts you will play is to keep your child interested in the project throughout its entirety.

This means that you will have to find something that your child will find entertaining, while still able to teach them something. If you select a topic that your kid doesn’t find interesting, they will put the project off, or try to hide from the responsibility of it, until the last possible minute.

On our site, we feature many different science projects. We suggest different science experiments for kids based on age, or on a science discipline that interests them.

Use the discipline section of our website if your child has shown an interest in a certain topic. If they want to do something with a general category, or if they are fascinated with a single idea and want to experiment with it, you will find the discipline section useful in locating the experiment.

If your child has no idea what they want to do, try using the grade section. We have split up different ideas that certain grades will find entertaining, so you can help your child find something that will keep them interested.

We also like reviewing science kits that you can buy in the stores. You’ll find information on these on our site too. If you come up with an experiment idea that we haven’t posted yet, tell us about it and let us know what happened when you did it. We always love learning with others!

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